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Torrey & William {Engaged}


Meet Torrey and William, another one of my amazing, incredible couples!!  I already knew William and that he was an awesome guy (he’s a “Troy boy”), so I had a feeling his girl was going to be pretty special!  He’s an awesome baseball player and I believe he’s on the path to be an amazing coach and leader!!  Torrey has such a sweet spirit about her!  She’s the kind of person you always want to be around…her smile is contagious and those dimples are a-dorable!! Torrey and William are such a fun-loving couple and they absolutely adore one another!!  I am so grateful to be their photographer and can’t wait for their wedding next July!!

Here’s some of our favorite photos below from their engagement session!  To see more from their session, click here!

IMG-74 IMG-78IMG-71 IMG-66 IMG-60 (1) IMG-59 IMG-57 IMG-64 IMG-34 IMG-37 IMG-29 IMG-45 IMG-38 IMG-43 IMG-51 (1)IMG-23 IMG-17 (1) IMG-29 IMG-34 IMG-37 IMG-38 IMG-43 IMG-51 (1) IMG-47 (1)IMG-81 IMG-80 IMG-83 IMG-85 IMG-86 IMG-88 IMG-89 (1) IMG-93 (1) IMG-94 IMG-98 (1) IMG-101 IMG-107 (1) IMG-109 IMG-116

Sarah & Will {Engaged}

IMG-25Sara and Will’s “how did you meet” story is one of the best and it’s a true testament of God’s perfect timing!  A little bit of the story goes like this… it begins with Sara and the matchmaker and one of my sweet friends/discipleship girls, Janie!  Sara and Janie became sorority sisters and best friends while in college at Troy.   After they both graduated, they were headed to Janie’s hometown, Montgomery, for their teaching internships.  Sara needed a place to live temporarily, so Janie and her sweet, sweet family said Sara could live with them.  Well, this is when it gets fun!! Janie had a brother….. that was single!! And you can figure out the rest of the story, I’m sure!  God used so many sweet moments to orchestrate the two of these meeting and falling in love with each other!   Sara and Will are so easy going and kind and so much fun to be around….they are the kind of people who instantly put you at ease & make you feel like you’ve been friends with them forever. Once again, I  am so blessed to have couples like them! I am looking forward to spending their wedding day with them and their families and friends in June!!  To see more of my favorites from Sarah and Will’s session, click here!IMG-22 IMG-20 IMG-26 IMG-27 (1) IMG-30 IMG-32IMG-2

IMG-4 IMG-5 IMG-8 IMG-13 IMG-15 IMG-19        IMG-36 IMG-42 (1) IMG-48 IMG-53 IMG-58 (1) IMG-62 IMG-68 (1) IMG-69 IMG-77 IMG-78 IMG-85 IMG-87 IMG-90 IMG-92 (1)

Emily & Jacob {Engaged}


I have been blessed to live in a college town and have God bring some of the sweetest,  most loving college girls into my heart!  I’ve watched them grow spiritually and I’ve learned more from them than they have learned from me, I’m sure!   Emily is one of those girls… she came into my life as a cute, sweet little sorority girl, then through discipleship we experienced life together!  She has a love for children and that is evident in the way my kiddos love, love, love her!!

She and Jacob were dating throughout my time knowing Emily and it’s been sweet to watch their love grow for each other…. through it all Emily and Jacob have trusted God and his perfect timing!  I am so honored to be capturing this season of their lives!

Most of my girls graduate and leave Troy and it’s hard to see them go, but I am SO excited Emily and Jacob are beginning their lives together here in Troy!!

Thanks for checking out the CNP blog…..Enjoy some of my favorite images of Emily and Jacob below and to see more click here!!

IMG_0007 IMG_0036 IMG_0046 IMG_0049 IMG_0053 IMG_0139IMG_0060 IMG_0066 IMG_0112 (1) IMG_0126 IMG_0135 IMG_0184 IMG_0237 IMG_0265 IMG_0276 IMG_0334 IMG_0363 IMG_0418 IMG_0465 (1) IMG_0495 IMG_0497 (1) IMG_0498 IMG_0500 (1)!

Christy & Corey {Engaged}

I had such a wonderful time getting to know and photographing Christy and Corey at their engagement session!  They are so in love with each other and are truly best friends!! Their love runs deep and Corey would do anything for Christy… I say that because he even helped paint her nails before the session (and did a great job:)!! Check out the gorgeous landscape in these photos!!! I shot their session at the Hughes’ home and it is just breathtaking… I’d love to have a yard like this, it would certainly take a love of love and care!!

I can’t wait to spend their wedding day with them next year!!  Enjoy a few of my favorites below and to see more click here!

IMG_0012IMG_0026 (1) IMG_0074 IMG_0109 IMG_0124 IMG_0157 IMG_0163 IMG_0214 IMG_0227 IMG_0236 (1) IMG_0253IMG_0262 IMG_0264 (1) IMG_0297 IMG_0303 (1) IMG_0369 IMG_0481 (1) IMG_0497 IMG_0522 IMG_0547-2 (1) IMG_0553