IMG-25Sara and Will’s “how did you meet” story is one of the best and it’s a true testament of God’s perfect timing!  A little bit of the story goes like this… it begins with Sara and the matchmaker and one of my sweet friends/discipleship girls, Janie!  Sara and Janie became sorority sisters and best friends while in college at Troy.   After they both graduated, they were headed to Janie’s hometown, Montgomery, for their teaching internships.  Sara needed a place to live temporarily, so Janie and her sweet, sweet family said Sara could live with them.  Well, this is when it gets fun!! Janie had a brother….. that was single!! And you can figure out the rest of the story, I’m sure!  God used so many sweet moments to orchestrate the two of these meeting and falling in love with each other!   Sara and Will are so easy going and kind and so much fun to be around….they are the kind of people who instantly put you at ease & make you feel like you’ve been friends with them forever. Once again, I  am so blessed to have couples like them! I am looking forward to spending their wedding day with them and their families and friends in June!!  To see more of my favorites from Sarah and Will’s session, click here!IMG-22 IMG-20 IMG-26 IMG-27 (1) IMG-30 IMG-32IMG-2

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