Meet the Pugh Family!  This family makes my heart smile!  My family holds them dear to our hearts and we are able to share many special moments together!  And look at them…. are they not precious??  9 months ago, we all thought this little family was complete, but God had other plans and He knew all along they would soon be a family of 6!  We were able to capture one more session while Baby Ellen was still in Holly’s tummy…I think these images will bring a smile to your face!


Let me start this birth announcement by saying I absolutely love my job – I count my blessings everyday that God revealed this talent to me & that I am living my dream job & trying to glorify Him each and every step of the way.  I am humbled that there are people who let me be a part of some of the most exciting and special times of their lives. There are the private, sentimental moments that I also get to be a part of as well, and all I can say is thank you – thank you God for allowing me to experience these sweet blessings!

I have had 3 little miracles of my own and now, I have experienced this miracle of God from a whole different perspective….behind the lens of my camera with a best friend of mine having a sweet baby girl! October 1, we all headed to Dothan around 10p.m. and patiently awaited the arrival of Baby Ellen.  We really thought she would be here pretty soon…she was 3 weeks early just like her brothers and sister & being the 4th child we expected a quick arrival; however, she wanted to stay in her comfortable place a few more hours. On October 2, 2013 at 8:30 a.m. Little Miss Ellen Anne Pugh was born!!  She was nineteen inches long and weighed six pounds two ounces and she is perfect in every.single.way!

At the end of this post I am sharing a sweet, sweet video of the story of Baby Ellen’s arrival…. putting images to music tugs at my heart big time!!