July 2014 Archive

Haley & Jarred {Married}

Haley and Jarred were married May 10, 2014 at Hephzibah Baptist Church in Troy, Al. and their reception was held at The Emporium in downtown Troy. The Emporium, once a Catholic Church built in 1915, is a newly renovated venue and we are so blessed to have this building for events and especially weddings and receptions in Troy! A sweet friend of mine, Kelly Sanders, has put a lot of love into this building and it has turned out just beautiful!

Such sweet memories were made on this day and I love that I can share them with you all!haley1 IMG-21 haley2One of my favorite moments of the wedding day is the love seen between the bride and her daddy! Of course, the mother/daughter bond is so sweet and captures my heart….but the love between a daddy and his little girl, especially when it’s his only little girl, just get’s to me every time!  Haley’s daddy had to fight hard to keep it together!  I captured so many sweet moments between Haley and her dad that easily bring tears to my eyes and I am sure she will cherish those moments captured forever and ever!  IMG_2226IMG-15IMG-26 (1) IMG-29 (1)IMG-17 IMG-81IMG-97 IMG-105 IMG-109 (1)IMG-151 IMG-159 IMG-167 IMG-169IMG-140 IMG-130 IMG-176 (1) IMG-180IMG-270 IMG-281 (1)IMG-304 IMG-305IMG-375 IMG-371 (1) IMG-385 IMG-381IMG-389 (1) IMG-412 haley5 haley4IMG-580 (1)haley6 IMG-577 IMG-572 IMG-570The fun that was had at their reception was unreal… the band was super fun and everyone had their dancing shoes on! IMG-541IMG-531 (1)haley3IMG-675 IMG-679 (1)Haley, you are a blessing to know and it’s been such fun watching you grow up! I love how happy you are with Jarred, ya’ll have such a sweet love!  Congratulations to you guys, we wish you the best in your marriage!  May you keep God first in your marriage and may He bless you richly!

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Ana & Matt {Married}

Ana and Matt were married at Grandview Baptist Church in Dothan, Al on April 26, 2014. Their reception was held at the The Depot off Main, which is a 100 year old restored freight train depot…it was such a neat venue, with so much history!  David and I had the honor of capturing sweet memories from their wedding day…here are a few pictures to highlight their day.ana1 ana4 ana2 ana3 IMG-77 IMG-78 (1) ana5 IMG-142 IMG-152IMG-159 IMG-164 IMG-15 IMG-212 ana6 IMG-254 (1) IMG-263 ana7 IMG-319 ana8 IMG-345 IMG-351 IMG-354 (1) IMG-357 IMG-435 (1) IMG-437Ana, it was a joy being a part of this special time in your life! I’m so proud of all of your accomplishments, you are going to be the best pharmacist ever and an even sweeter wife!  May you and Matt always put God first in your relationship and allow Him to shine through you both!   To see more of the sweetness from Ana and Matt’s wedding day, click here.