Print  A tradition of ours is family photos taken for our Christmas card, but also to document this season of our lives. It’s neat to think back over each of the images  and recall how much everyone has changed and grown…on the outside and on the inside! And to think of how much easier these photo sessions have gotten, brings a big smile to my face!!  They are growing up so fast and I love the love they share with me, I love being Drew, Kate and Carter’s mom and David’s wife! My family means the world to me and I am thankful I get to live life with these blessings!

This Christmas was a bit different than years past as our family was visited by the flu on Christmas Eve, with Kate getting a pretty bad case of it.  Yep, we had flu shots and usually never get the flu, but it found David, Carter & Kate this year.  We didn’t get to spend the day with family as we usually do, but our little family time was still sweet watching lots of movies and taking a few naps.  And we have still had a sweet time celebrating Jesus’ birth this Christmas season!  I pray you and your family had a blessed Christmas that was filled with memories (and photographs) that will last a lifetime!  Looking forward to what 2015 has in store!IMG_0248 IMG_0244 IMG_0242 IMG_0110 IMG_0115 IMG_0099 IMG_0138IMG_0158 IMG_0146 IMG_0129 IMG_0063 IMG_0053