TTT_blogcollage_06 Emily and Jacob were married at First Baptist Church of Troy, Al May 9, 2015.  Their day was truly beautiful and a celebration of God joining them together as one.  I recall their pastor describing the day as a “Genesis moment…a new beginning” for the two of them. These two have precious souls and they love Jesus, which makes the beginning of their lives together a sweet start to their happily every after. The pastor also emphasized that their day was not about the dress, flowers, etc. but more so about God and how they would be committing their lives to God.  Knowing Emily and Jacob personally, I have witnessed the way they choose to serve and have compassion for all they come in contact with.  They are beautiful people to know and I look forward to watching them live out their happily ever after.

Enjoy the classic, elegance in the images of Emily and Jacob’s wedding day along with some words from the two of them! And to see more, click here for a slideshow of images highlighting their day.IMG-9IMG-4Something Old: Grandmother’s locket (mom’s side) and Grandmother’s handkerchief around bouquet (dad’s side) | Something New: Wedding Dress | Something Borrowed: Wedding Shoes | Something Blue: Sapphire ring given to me by my parents when I was 18

TTT_blogcollage_29 IMG-382 (1)My fondest memory from the wedding was showing my grandmother that I had chosen to wear her locket as my something old. When my grandfather was gone in WWII, my grandmother would wear a locket pinned to her blouse. Inside the locket was a picture of my grandmother and grandfather from their wedding day. Some time ago my grandmother gave this locket to my mom. My mom and I had it turned into a necklace for me to wear on my wedding day. My grandmother didn’t know I was wearing it until I saw her for the first time in my dress. Showing my grandmother that locket was the sweetest memory I have with her and I will cherish that moment forever.
IMG-187 IMG-180 (1) TTT_blogcollage_31I was SO thankful we decided to do a “first glance” and would highly recommend it to any and every bride! It helped get some of the nerves out and I felt like I was able to spend the whole day sharing my excitement with my guy. That walk down the aisle is magical and I think if it was the first time I had seen him I would have been too emotional to make it to the alter!
IMG-110 IMG-139 IMG-145 IMG-134 (1) How did you guys meet?  He was the cute IMPACT orientation leader who was way out of my league. I was the hot friend of one of his fraternity brothers. We ended up in the same circle of friends and, after some time and a little insistence on my part, we dated. Four years and 2 days later, we married!!IMG-121IMG-152 IMG-167-2 Tell us about the proposal:
I could talk about this part forever but I’ll keep it short and sweet. I had his proposal all figured out, so he showed up two days early to surprise me. I came home and was directed to my back porch where my friends and family awaited me. He wrote me letters and used Proverbs 31 to affirm me. When I had finished reading all the letters, my friends gathered around me and prayed for me. When their prayer was over, they parted and there he stood. After what felt like forever he got on one knee and spoke the words I will never forget: “A wife of noble character is worth far more than rubies. Emily Carter, will you make me a rich man and will you marry me?” (swoon)IMG-164 (1) IMG-168 IMG-194 IMG-184 IMG-206 IMG-211IMG-172 Groom- how would you describe the bride?  She was surprisingly calm. I expected her to be frantic over the little details, but she was really let herself enjoy the day and I loved that. My favorite part of her dress was the back. It was unique and classy. She also wore flats which I really appreciated. IMG-183IMG-275 IMG-262 IMG-257 IMG-255 IMG-296 IMG-310 IMG-312 IMG-320 IMG-322 IMG-331 IMG-86 Bride- how would you describe the groom?  Handsome is an understatement. He was classic and clean cut on our wedding day. I also loved that he, himself, tied his tie, it was unique and is known as a “Merovingian Knot”. Everyone was pretty impressed he tied it himself. It added a little something that really made him look sharp! I was so thrilled he decided to grow out his beard. When you fall in love with a man who is known by his friends as “Caveman”, part of you falls in love with the beard!!IMG-201
IMG-85IMG-333 IMG-335 IMG-347 IMG-352IMG-239 (1) IMG-241 (1)TTT_blogcollage_45IMG-448 IMG-462 TTT_blogcollage_34 IMG-511 IMG-497 TTT_blogcollage_11a TTT_blogcollage_36 IMG-563 (1) IMG-565 IMG-571TTT_blogcollage_33 TTT_blogcollage_10 original1.TTT_blogcollage_03 Favorite things about reception:  Jacob’s home-brewed beer was the perfect party favor (my wonderfully talented photographer actually suggested it long before we were even engaged). It captured our interests and personalities wonderfully and I was so thrilled the venue allowed us to have it.IMG-647 IMG-648 (1) IMG-679 IMG-659 IMG-662 IMG-714 IMG-728 IMG-726 Favorite detail- BUBBLES!!! Our bubble exit was magical and the pictures are some of my absolute favorites! IMG-733 (1) IMG-735 TTT_blogcollage_26 What is next as a couple? What are we looking forward to most?  We are looking forward to settling into married life in Troy, Alabama!
IMG-745 (1)

Bride’s Gown and Veil: Bella Couture | Bride’s Shoes: Borrowed from sister-in-law so I’m not sure where they came from | Bride’s Hair and Makeup: The AMAZING Ashley at Epix Salon in Troy | Bridesmaid’s dresses: David’s Bridal | Groom’s and groomsmen’s attire: Men’s Warehouse | Coordinator and Planner: June Flowers with a little help from my Aunt Sherry | Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church | Reception Venue: The Emporium | Florist: June Flowers | Wedding Cake: Peggy McKinney | Caterer: Hook’s BBQ and Ray/Jack Catering | DJ: Feel the Beat | Paper Products (save-the-dates, invites, cups, coozies): Pat Campbell