IMG-104I truly love my job because of the people God brings into mine and my families lives! I am so thankful to get to share in such sweet moments with couples and families, such as Sarah Elizabeth and Chase.  I was a photographer under cover when Chase proposed to Sarah Elizabeth this past fall, and it was one of the sweetest proposals ever (more on that below)!  Fast forward a few weeks later, it was time to book a photographer and they chose me! I love that they found David and I as the perfect fit to be their wedding photographers!  They are an amazing couple and their families are just as awesome too – again, thanking God for bringing such sweet, Jesus-loving people into my life!  This engagement session was just as awesome as it looks – beautiful sunny weather in January, lovely sunlight, and the sweetest couple to photograph.  I should probably mention it was a little chilly, but thankfully the sun warmed us up a bit and the chills didn’t bother Sarah Elizabeth & Chase as you can see in their images! I was so thankful to get to photograph their session in Santa Rosa Beach at Eden Gardens and Watercolor! They love 30a as much as I do and spend a lot of time there….it was the perfect backdrop for their session!se2IMG-135se3I absolutely love hearing how my couples meet and it makes me smile when the memory is so vivid as this one… from Sarah Elizabeth’s point of view, I bet she thinks of this every time she has ice cream : “Chase and I first met during Sunday lunch with our families at the country club. I was at the dessert table scooping ice cream for my anxiously-excited nephews, as Chase’s mother walked up alongside her handsome son and introduced us. Of course, not only was I a complete giddy mess, but my hands were also a mess from the ice cream. In courtesy of meeting someone, Chase immediately put out his hand for me to shake, and with the biggest, cheesiest grin you could imagine, you better believe I was eager to shake his hand!…only to quickly realize I had gotten ice cream on him! My nephews at this point had run off without my knowledge, therefore, I was a bit frazzled, eagerly dashed mid-sentence from the dessert table to find them in embarrassment, and left Chase standing there. It was definitely memorable, to say the least!”IMG-159 (2)se1IMG-167I could have written about their proposal without even asking Sarah Elizabeth since I was in the “planning” stages a bit with Chase, his mom and Sarah Elizabeth’s mom, but it’s much sweeter hearing Sarah Elizabeth’s version of the proposal:  “Chase and I were at the beach for the weekend with his family. On that Saturday afternoon, Chase suggested that we should head to the beach to watch the sunset before meeting everyone for dinner. He wads adamant about when I should be dressed and ready. I had not even considered the possibility that his plan was the perfect setup for a proposal, and honestly I spent the majority of our stroll there quizzing him on what we were going to eat at dinner. As we arrived at the beach and began to find the perfect spot in the sand, I soon noticed three precious kids getting their photos taken. I thought nothing of it and simply thought they were knocking out Christmas card pictures early. We were just about to start reading Gary Chapman’s book, “Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married” and in the middle of briefly flipping through it and discussing, Chase handed me his father’s old Bible to find a verse. I opened to where the Bible marker was placed (1 John 4:19) to quickly find Chase was on one knee and a ring tied to the end of the Bible marker ribbon! Though I thought the moment couldn’t have been any more perfect, the icing on the cake was realizing that it was all captured by a hidden photographer and our now precious friend, Candace Nelson, as well as the exciting news that both of our families were waiting to celebrate with us at a nearby location!”IMG-192 IMG-185 (1) IMG-184IMG-164IMG-197 IMG-201IMG-203 IMG-213 (1)IMG-211 IMG-216IMG-219 (1)Chase describes Sarah Elizabeth as loving, considerate and beautiful.  Sarah Elizabeth describes Chase as charming, kindhearted and thoughtful. Yep, I totally agree! They enjoy life and enjoy each other and they are a joy to be around!  It was an awesome engagement session topped off with dinner afterwards at Pizza By the Sea, another favorite that we both share!

To see more from their session, click here…I love the song I put with their slideshow, it’s so sweet and fits their love for each other perfectly!!

Sarah Elizabeth and Chase, I know your wedding day is going to be great because it includes the two of you!  I am truly looking forward to your day with you, your families and friends, July will be here before we know it!!!