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Angela & Will {Married}


Today I am so excited to share one of the sweetest weddings ever.  On August 2, 2014 Angela and Will exchanged vows at the historic American Village located in Montevallo, Al. This amazing venue is “inspired by some of America’s most historic places” and there is beauty everywhere you look.   The beauty inside the church is indescribable, you have to see the images for yourself, and the beauty of the venue’s landscape is breathtaking and the most beautiful backdrop for photography!!  All day there were threats of rain and other than two tiny sprinkles (that didn’t interfere with pictures – yay!!),  it all held off!

The love that Angela and Will have for each other and their family and friends is the sweetest!  Both Angela and Will  have such loving, respectful relationships with their parents and it was encouraging to see how beautiful and loving their relationships were.  Then, their wedding party, those they chose to stand by their side as they exchanged vows…they were the cream of the crop and so much fun to be around!  Angela and Will’s personalities are one of a kind and I can see why they are loved by so many, they are truly a joy to be around!

From the most beautiful bridesmaids, super cute flower girls and little ring bearer, handsome groomsmen to the gorgeous, SO in love couple to all of the amazing, emotional moments during the day ..this was the kind of wedding that reminds me of why I do what I do, and it makes me feel so blessed that this is what I get to do for a job!  Each of my couples finds a special place in my heart and I cherish the time I get to spend with each and every one of them!

To see more sweetness from Angela and Will’s day, click here!  Enjoy!

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April & Jake {Married}

IMG-3I first met April the summer of 2011 when we did a session in Watercolor with she and Trent and from that moment I was thankful God allowed our paths to cross. I saw a glimpse of the beautiful heart she had and was blessed to call her a friend from that very moment! In 2012, I was also blessed to capture sweet newborn images of little miss Miller, who added so much sweetness and sparkle to their little family! And now, the summer of 2014, I was able to be with April on another special day as she and Jake became husband and wife!  Their love for each other and their family is so sweet and it meant so much for me to be able to capture these memories for she and Jake and to share this special time with them and their kiddos!  I’m truly humbled each and every time I am able to share life’s moments with my couples and to capture memories for them that they will cherish forever makes my heart so happy… truly thankful God created me to be a photographer!  To see more from April and Jake’s sweet Watercolor session and their intimate marriage ceremony on the beach, click here.IMG-32 IMG-34 IMG-6 IMG-7 IMG-21 IMG-16 IMG-13 (1) IMG-31 IMG-11 IMG-10IMG-44 IMG-24 IMG-48 (1) april1 IMG-36 IMG-42 IMG-65 IMG-66 IMG-79 IMG-83 (1) IMG-87 IMG-89 (1) IMG-91IMG-58 IMG-104 IMG-107 IMG-111IMG-119 IMG-123 IMG-126 IMG-131 (1) IMG-136 IMG-140 IMG-143 april2IMG-152 IMG-153 (1) IMG-156 (1) IMG-159 IMG-162  IMG-184 IMG-186IMG-163

Alex & Chance {Married}

This beautiful couple had a very special day on June 21st at First Baptist Church of Troy, Alabama. It was truly a day filled with sweet, sincere moments that Alex and Chance will cherish forever!  Their day was a collaboration of love between families and friends and all of the personal touches made it the wedding they had dreamed of!  The reception was held at the newly renovated Emporium, just steps away from the church, and it was the perfect place for all of the guest to join Alex and Chance in celebrating their marriage.  It always brings so much joy to my heart to see a couple start their marriage with Christ at the center, trusting God each and every day… Alex and Chance are such amazing people that point others to Christ and their relationship does that as well!  To see more sweetness from their day, click here.

alex1IMG-16 (1)IMG-19 (1) alex2a copy IMG-109 (1) alex2alex3IMG-55 IMG-80 alex4 copy IMG-43 IMG-131 IMG-143IMG-174 IMG-177 IMG-181 alex5 copy IMG-197 IMG-219 IMG-208 IMG-248 IMG-253IMG-258 IMG-266 IMG-291 IMG-290 IMG-283 IMG-281IMG-295 IMG-299 IMG-304 (1) IMG-307 IMG-285 IMG-311IMG-320 IMG-333 alex6 copy IMG-354 IMG-367 IMG-402 IMG-407 IMG-413 IMG-469IMG-499 IMG-501 IMG-508 (1) IMG-514 IMG-528 IMG-529 IMG-536 zalex6 copy zalex7 copy IMG-565 zalex8 copy IMG-590 IMG-595 IMG-598IMG-639 IMG-645 (1) IMG-642 IMG-648  IMG-659IMG-680 IMG-725Alex9 zalex10 copy IMG-788 IMG-791 IMG-795 (1)

Anna & Dean {Married}

IMG-26This couple is just amazing…so sweet and fun loving! Take a peak of their engagement session here to see just how precious they are together and then be sure to come back to this blog post to see how beautiful they were on their wedding day!

May 21st was such a sweet day for Anna and Dean!   These two found each other at Auburn University where they were both in Veterinary School. Anna told me the story of how they met and it is so Dean Anderson!  “On the first day of clinical rotations Dean yelled down the hall “Tell that Anna Rector I’m after her.” To Dean’s surprise I was in the hall and turned to stare at him. It took one two week rotation to get to know each other and we have been together since!”

Friends and family of Dean and Anna traveled several hours to Anna’s hometown to celebrate the marriage of these two!  The ceremony took place at Viewmont Baptist Church in Hickory, North Carolina. After the ceremony everyone made their way to Lake Hickory Country Club where a fun celebration began and would continue with hours of fun complete with tons of dancing, singing with the band and of course a few chants of the Auburn fight song! It was a day like no other and that is just what it should have been for this couple that is truly known for putting other people ahead of themselves.

To see more of there wedding day memories click here!IMG-3 IMG-10IMG-37 (1)IMG-111IMG-72 IMG-43 IMG-46 (1) IMG-49IMG-60 IMG-80 IMG-96 IMG-91 IMG-101 (1)IMG-125 IMG-113 IMG-116 (1) IMG-135IMG-194 IMG-176 IMG-173 IMG-153 IMG-150IMG-240IMG-300 IMG-307 (1)anna1IMG-380IMG-398 IMG-395IMG-416IMG-424 (1) IMG-431 IMG-421 (1)IMG-446 IMG-451 IMG-600 IMG-602 (1) IMG-598