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Sarah Elizabeth & Chase {Proposal}

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I am so excited to share this post!  It was filled with sweetness and Jesus and upon meeting this couple and their families for the first time, I knew it was the beginning of a forever friendship!   Sarah Elizabeth’s mom, Mrs. Denise, contacted me a couple of weeks ago about photographing her daughter’s proposal.  This was something she knew Sarah Elizabeth had always wanted, so she, Chase and Chase’s mom, Mrs. Lori, were going to make it happen!  At first I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to shoot the session, and I really wanted to! I was so excited when I called Mrs. Denise back to tell her I could do it!  She said she had almost decided not to bother finding a photographer, but the night before she had looked at Sarah Elizabeth’s Pinterest board and there were several pins that read “please hire a photographer to secretly shoot our engagement”, “reasons to hire a photographer for the proposal”, “have somebody catch it on camera”, etc. etc.  So, that made it clear, a photographer was going to be a necessity for Sarah Elizabeth and Chase’s proposal.

It was so fun talking the them the days leading up to the proposal and helping plan such a special moment! I could tell the love Sarah Elizabeth & Chase shared was special and I just couldn’t wait to meet them!!  I can tell you this: I was so nervous and I had butterflies! Nervous, because the proposal was supposed to take place on the beach and it was 90% chance of rain that day; so there was a Plan B in place!! Butterflies, because I knew how special this was going to be for Sarah Elizabeth… I can remember my proposal like it was yesterday & it’s just a sweet time for a girl who knows she is about to spend the rest of her life with the man God made for her (and get to plan a wedding)!

Guess what? NO rain!! It was a beautiful day in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl!!  Plan A was about to happen!  I had told them I could bring my kids in on the action and it would appear we were photographers doing a session with some really cute kids.  Again, Sarah Elizabeth did not know us at the time so she would have no idea the cameras were about to be turned on her!  Chase’s plan was for them to go to the beach before dinner and look through some scripture to pick out a life verse for the two of them and just enjoy the sunset.  He had the Bible marker at 1 John 4:19 (just a coincidence that is my photography verse) and when she opened the Bible she  would be so surprised….to find a ring!!! Ahhhhhh…..LOVED his plan!  It was a beautiful proposal and I am forever thankful that I was able to capture such a sweet, private moment in their lives! And….. she said Yes!

You can see the story unfold in the images below.  My kids did so good , they were actors for a brief moment and I got a few cute shots of them in the meantime!  Afterwards, Sarah Elizabeth said she noticed us but she just thought “awe, they are getting a head start on Christmas card photos…”  I learned quickly that Sarah Elizabeth is a girl with a beautiful smile, but this smile she has in these photos is priceless! It’s true a moment like this can not be recreated and I am sure they will treasure these images forever!

sarah_chase1sarah_chase2IMG-111(1)IMG-112IMG-117 (1)sarah_chase3sarah_chase4sarah_chase5IMG-152IMG-154

I had my side-kick, David with me and having him there made everything go smoothly AND he captured the proposal on video, which was just icing on the cake!  See the video below and feel just how special this evening was!!!

After the proposal, we were off to Part 2 of Chase’s surprise – both of their families were waiting, ready with lots of hugs and words of congratulations!  It was super sweet meeting everyone so dear to Sarah Elizabeth and Chase!  I can’t wait til their wedding in July!



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Another sweet, sweet part of this photography life of mine is the amazing people God brings into my life – I love it and as always, I am so thankful!  Congratulations, Sarah Elizabeth and Chase! (High five to Chase… you did it!) Thanks for being such an amazing couple to work with.  We are so happy for you two and we look forward to many more sweet memories ahead!

This Pugh family of 5, becomes a family of 6!

Meet the Pugh Family!  This family makes my heart smile!  My family holds them dear to our hearts and we are able to share many special moments together!  And look at them…. are they not precious??  9 months ago, we all thought this little family was complete, but God had other plans and He knew all along they would soon be a family of 6!  We were able to capture one more session while Baby Ellen was still in Holly’s tummy…I think these images will bring a smile to your face!


Let me start this birth announcement by saying I absolutely love my job – I count my blessings everyday that God revealed this talent to me & that I am living my dream job & trying to glorify Him each and every step of the way.  I am humbled that there are people who let me be a part of some of the most exciting and special times of their lives. There are the private, sentimental moments that I also get to be a part of as well, and all I can say is thank you – thank you God for allowing me to experience these sweet blessings!

I have had 3 little miracles of my own and now, I have experienced this miracle of God from a whole different perspective….behind the lens of my camera with a best friend of mine having a sweet baby girl! October 1, we all headed to Dothan around 10p.m. and patiently awaited the arrival of Baby Ellen.  We really thought she would be here pretty soon…she was 3 weeks early just like her brothers and sister & being the 4th child we expected a quick arrival; however, she wanted to stay in her comfortable place a few more hours. On October 2, 2013 at 8:30 a.m. Little Miss Ellen Anne Pugh was born!!  She was nineteen inches long and weighed six pounds two ounces and she is perfect in every.single.way!

At the end of this post I am sharing a sweet, sweet video of the story of Baby Ellen’s arrival…. putting images to music tugs at my heart big time!!



Nicole + Josh, Married 8.31.13


Nicole and Josh are one of those couples you meet, get to know them and think they are so perfect for each other!  Nicole’s father is a music minister and Josh’s father is a preacher, their mothers have beautiful voices and beautiful hearts…see they are so perfect together!  There families have done a beautiful job of raising each of them to live for Christ and as a result they both have amazing hearts for Jesus and they live it out in their lives daily!

Nicole and Josh, it was blessing to be a part of your wedding.  It was truly filled with your love for God, each other and friends and family.  Enjoy every minute of your Happily Every After!

Here is a little recap of Nicole and Josh’s thoughts of each other and their wedding day:

What three words would you use to describe the style of your wedding?   Chic, rustic, and classy.

Bride, how would you describe the groom? In general and on  your wedding day:    Josh is exactly who God intended for me to be with for the rest of my life. He has such a servants heart and wants nothing more than to grow in Christ. He always makes me laugh, loves me in spite of my faults, and I can’t imagine my life without him. I am truly blessed!  On our Wedding Day:   His excitement and happiness was reassuring as I walked down the aisle. He looked extremely handsome and it gave me butterflies.

Groom, how would you describe your bride? In genera and on your wedding dayl:   quiet, thoughtful, sweet, and loving. She is an inspiration and a motivational guide in my life. Truly God-given!  On our Wedding Day:  She was breathtakingly gorgeous and full of poise. She carried herself like a princess and made the moment magical!



How did you meet and how long did you date?  Tell me your love story.   We met in the music program at First Baptist in Troy. I was in the choir and he was playing his guitar. Over the course of a few months, we began getting to know each other through talking and hanging out. Our first date was March 12th, 2011. We continued our dating relationship for a year and eight months until on November 10th, 2012 during a “couple’s photoshoot”, he asked me to marry him. And OF COURSE, I said yes! Nine and a half months later, we were walking down the aisle as husband and wife.

Tell me all about the proposal!   I, Josh, planned for a friend to stage a couple’s photoshoot for his photography portfolio. He and I planned the shots and where the actual proposal would happen. I had to get the ring out as soon as possible, so after the first few shots, I pulled out the ring. I started bringing up passages from the Bible that represented all that we had longed for in our relationship, and was attempting to tie them into marriage. This whole time she was wondering why I was talking when we were supposed to be smiling! As I started to get down on one knee, she realized what was happening. As the tears started flowing, I asked her to marry me. She said she would! After much hugging and kissing, we continued on with our now engagement photoshoot.

IMG-272 (1)




What is your fondest memory of your wedding day?   My fondest memory of that day is the ceremony. It was special for me because of the worship aspect that was felt throughout its entirety. I really loved the act of Communion and the kneeling prayer before the cross that was incorporated into the service. These acts were our firsts as husband and wife!

If you did a “first glance”, are you glad you made the decision to do so? Why?   Yes, very much so. That moment was very meaningful in that it allowed us to briefly share time together in the midst of all that was going on around us.

Our favorite detail of the wedding was:   Our time together praying before the cross.

nicole7 nicole6

Describe your favorite thing(s) about your reception:  We really loved the photo booth. This allowed us to take photos with our guests and make memories. The night was so hectic (in a good way); we wanted a good way to remember those special people. The dancing was a blast too, once we finally got people on the dance floor!

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Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church | Florist: Jean’s Flowers | Reception Venue: Pike County Cattlemen’s Association | Planner: Stephanie Baker  | Wedding Cakes: McKinney Cakes in Montgomery, AL | Ceremony Musicians: Diane Varnadore – Pianist, Alberto Sanchez – Violinist, Christopher Culpepper – Vocalist, Ben Holt – Guitarist | Special Details (reception favors, etc): Candy Bar – party favors for the guests | Bride’s Gown: Allure – Denson’s Bridal in Montgomery, AL | Bride’s Shoes: Antonio Melani | Hair and Makeup Artist: Shirley Ellis of Signature Hair Designs in Troy, AL | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Handmade by Bridesire | Groom’s & Groomsmen’s Attire: Seville Row two button charcoal suit | Paper Products: Paper Ink Shop (Invitations, napkins, etc)


What’s next for you as a couple? What are you most looking forward to about married life?  The time we get to spend together each day. Little moments like cooking together or household projects. We are looking forward to the spiritual unity that comes from being united in Christ, and the serving opportunities in our local church.

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