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Anna Leigh and Clint were married 2.21.15 at First Presbyterian Church in Troy, Al.  Their day was absolutely perfect!  We began the day at The Chapman House where the bride and bridesmaids got the day started…this new addition to The Emporium is stunning, you must check it out for yourself!  After the ceremony, the reception was held at The Emporium where friends and family danced the night away and celebrated the marriage of Anna Leigh and Clint!

Anna Leigh was an absolutely stunning bride. And my buddy, Clint, looked very handsome himself! (Clint and I graduated high school together and share many fun memories!)  I’m so happy we were able to be a part of this gorgeous wedding and to witness the celebration of God bringing their family together as one. Enjoy some of my favorites from their wedding!  To see more in a sweet little video, click here.

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