IMG-131 (1)I photographed Sarah Elizabeth’s nephews at Watercolor one summer and little did I know God’s plan was to bring this entire family into my life…. I sure am glad He did!  I was with Sarah Elizabeth and Chase at their proposal at Seacrest beach, and joined their families for a little celebration afterwards. It was at this time I fell completely in love with them and their families.  It was if we had known each other for a lifetime!  Their words and actions reflect Jesus and they have had a huge impact on my life…to the Sanders and Jordan families, thank you for being so awesome!

Thankfully we hit it off at the proposal and we began talking about wedding photography… and from there we were blessed to be on this engagement journey with Sarah Elizabeth and Chase.  I shot their engagement session at Eden Gardens and Watercolor, followed by her bridal session at her parents home in Dothan (and they sent me home with the most delicious cookies ever), then the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding….all of these sweet moments led David and I to be with them on their wedding day July 26, 2014 to capture memories that I know they will cherish forever and ever! It was such a special day straight from heaven as Sarah Elizabeth and Chase were surrounded by friends and family to celebrate God joining them together as one.  The ceremony took place at First Baptist Church of Dothan and then everyone joined the bride and groom at the Dothan Country Club for a very fun reception to celebrate their marriage!  To enjoy more sweet images set to music, click here.

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