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This sweet couple has a very special place in my heart, just as all of my couples do!  I met Ryan when she was an Alpha Gam here at Troy.  She made a sweet first impression on me, she was constantly smiling, so fun-loving, reliable, optimistic and hardworking! I have known Chase and his family many years after being a part of the same church family! His parents taught us Sunday School and through the years I have grown to love his entire family and they have certainly been role models to me as they walk with Christ daily! Chase has such a calm spirit and is talented beyond words and is just a genuinely sweet, caring guy! (Please keep reading what they have to say about each other below… it will melt your heart!!) I knew them separately before they even knew each other and when I heard they were dating it made my heart smile! God is just so good and I love seeing His plan unfold as He brings a bride and groom together, that compliment each other so perfectly!  God’s gift of marriage is certainly portrayed though Ryan and Chase and I just love the love they share together!  I am thankful I was able to capture memories of their engagement and their wedding day and I know they will treasure these memories forever… Ryan and Chase, I look forward to seeing you grow old together!

What three words would you use to describe the style of your wedding?  Rustic, Southern, and Perfect

Our favorite detail of the wedding was:All of the hands that touched the wedding to make it happen, we are a very loved couple.holibuk1IMG-100 (1)holibuk2Did you have something borrowed, blue, old and new? If so, do tell!  I loved my something borrowed, blue, old and new. My something borrowed was one of my best friend’s and bridesmaids veils she wore on her wedding day. My something blue was a ring of my grandmother’s. I had a pair of earrings Chase bought me for a birthday as my something old, and I couldn’t wait to wear them! And my amazing wedding dress was my something new.

IMG-130holibuk6If you did a “first glance”, are you glad you made the decision to do so? Why?  We did do a “first glance,” and we couldn’t be happier that we did. After a year’s worth of stressful planning, our hopes were built upon everything coming together with perfection. However, we could never imagine the feelings and emotions that came from seeing each other for the first time; it made us realize that none of the other “stuff” truly mattered. Ryan – Seeing Chase for the first time was so special. Having him there was all I needed that day and it just set the tone. It was wonderful to get our jitters out and spend a couple minutes just the two of us before the ceremony. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything! Chase – The second I saw Ryan, I knew the only thing that mattered was having her there; she truly made my wedding perfect.holibuk4IMG-155 (1) IMG-156 IMG-159holibuk3IMG-163IMG-167Groom, how would you describe your bride?  Without a doubt, Ryan has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. With religion: she has strengthened my walk with Christ in my constant need for salvation; with college: she gave me ambition and drive, ultimately reawakening my passion for my profession in graphic design; with family: she has shown me a personal desire for adventure and new beginnings; with relationships: she has proven how subtle beginnings can turn into pure and everlasting love. For the first time on our wedding day, I saw Ryan in a different light than I had ever before. For the first time, I saw her as my bride, my wife, and my partner in life. As stunning, elegant, and absolutely breath taking as she was on our wedding day, I know she will forever be my bride, and I cannot wait for the life God has prepared for us in the future. My words alone could never describe my bride, because she is so much more than that to me and my life. She is my life.

IMG-170Bride, how would you describe the groom?  Chase is honestly the most caring and passionate person I know, and an amazing man of God. I knew his love was different almost immediately; he has the most pure and genuine heart. He is one of the most talented people I know, and is so humble not to recognize how amazing he is. God knew just what he was doing when He put him in my life. He is my balance. We’re complete opposites and it works so well! He makes me creative, calm, and strive to be a better person. He supports me in everything I do. I can’t imagine spending my life without him; it has looked so different with him in it and so much more wonderful. And did I mention that he is so handsome; that’s just a bonus!!IMG-171 (1)IMG-175IMG-178 (1)IMG-180How did you meet and how long did you date? Tell me your love story.  Chase and I met through my college roommate and her now husband; they played in a band together. Through subtle hints from them, we finally went on a date at small local sandwhich shop in Troy. After that, we attended a couple of football games together as well as some camping trips, and then we were practically inseparable! We dated for about three years as I moved off to Montgomery for work and then to Nashville for about a year. We’re so excited to finally be in one spot together!

holibuk5IMG-184IMG-189IMG-199IMG-212 (1)IMG-206IMG-207 (1)Tell me all about the proposal!  Chase and I love the outdoors and anything adventurous. We had gone on numerous camping trips, so when this was planned, I thought nothing of it… We planned a camping trip to get together with some of our closest friends as well as celebrate one of the couple’s anniversaries. We bought some food and firewood and even a celebratory bottle of champagne for them. After a long drive on Friday and setting up camp, the two other couples finally arrived. We got in our tents to get ready to hike and rock climb the next day, and down pours the rain! It didn’t ruin our fun, but we weren’t able climb like we planned since everything was wet. Instead, we packed a lunch and went on a hike down to this amazing waterfall. Once we made it to our stopping point, we took some pictures by the waterfall and got ready to eat lunch and explore. Chase took me to the side to show me something down the river and all of a sudden got down on one knee! I was shocked! He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and of course I said yes. Our friends had the camera and captured it all. Everyone was in on it and I had no clue! We went back to camp to celebrate and even popped the bottle of champagne, which I ended up buying for myself and not even knowing it. It was perfect! IMG-218IMG-219IMG-221IMG-223IMG-226IMG-227IMG-230 (1)holibuk7IMG-233IMG-235IMG-236IMG-240IMG-250holibuk8IMG-277IMG-280 (1)IMG-285IMG-295IMG-302IMG-300IMG-304IMG-297IMG-306IMG-309IMG-310 (1)IMG-314IMG-143IMG-407IMG-434 (1)IMG-440IMG-442 (1)holibuk9IMG-454IMG-456 (1)holibuk10IMG-475 (1)IMG-478IMG-482IMG-212 (1)IMG-213Describe your favorite thing(s) about your reception:  Chase – The most memorable part of our reception, for me, was being able to play for the father/daughter dance. The first time I met Ryan was with a guitar around my neck, and being able to play for the beginning of our life together is a memory that I will never forget. Ryan – My favorite part of the reception was having all of our friends and family there to celebrate. It was a huge reunion and so wonderful to have everyone’s love and support. We had our traditional Alpha Gam ceremony which was so special to have some of the most important women in my life there for me that day!IMG-543 (1)IMG-545IMG-553 (1)holibuk11IMG-564IMG-570IMG-573 (1)holibuk12holibuk13holibuk14

Ryan: Some of our favorite touches of the wedding came from the Groom himself. Chase is a graphic designer and he designed every print element of the wedding, from the invitations to the guest “book”. We used a poster of our save the date that everyone could sign and we could later frame it and hang with his other artwork throughout his career. The remainder of our wedding was mostly DIY. I cannot thank my family and friends enough for the time they put into making this day perfect. They were our vendors, and it wouldn’t have happened without them.

IMG-636 (1)IMG-640IMG-638IMG-640What’s next for you as a couple? What are you most looking forward to about married life?  Chase and I are just so excited to finally be in one place together! We look forward to settling in and making Nashville our home. We can’t wait to explore and travel together, and have as much adventure as we can before we decide to have children, an adventure of its own! We’re so excited to be on this journey together!

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Ceremony & Reception Venue: Landmark Park, Dothan, Al | Florist: Martha Lynn Drinkard of Jean’s Flowers, Troy, Al |Wedding Cakes:Denise Loveless | Reception Musicians: Clay Watson – Neil Clayton Band | Bride’s Gown: Bridal Bliss, Inc., Homewood, Al | Bride’s Shoes: Steve Madden | Hair Stylist: Shelly of Epix Salon, Troy, Al | Makeup Artist: Anna Kelly, bridesmaid | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bill Levkoff, Bridal Bliss, Inc., Homewood, Al | Groom’s & Groomsmen’s Attire: Vera Wang, Men’s Wearhouse | Paper Products: All design work was done by Chase, the groom