IMG_0481This amazing couple is so perfect and so precious together! Alex & Chance met in the 3rd grade, became high school sweethearts and survived a long-distance relationship for the past 4 years; they have a love for each other like no other!! This is certainly a result of their faith and God’s perfect plan for them to spend the rest of their lives together! Alex’s family has been in my life ever since I can remember! She has 4 amazing sisters, and I am blessed to call one of them a best friend of mine! Alex is the baby of the family, and she is the last Graham girl to tie the knot! I am confident it is going to be a very special day celebrating the marriage of Alex & Chance with their amazing families and friends!

IMG_0449Alex1HOW DID YOU AND CHANCE MEET?  Chance and I met in the third grade, when we were both in Mrs. Curtis’s class. I was the girl with big thick glasses and Chance was the cute little boy who had just moved schools. I don’t really remember much from then, but Chance tries to tell me that I had a huge crush on him, way back then. Chance and I remained friends throughout elementary school and middle school. We started dating in March of our freshmen year of high school. We graduated high school and then moved on to college. Chance stayed in Troy and I moved away to Tuscaloosa, AL. Long-distance has made our relationship so much stronger. We learned to rely more on the Lord and not each other. We also learned to appreciate our time together more often.IMG_0422 (1)

IMG_0487Alex describes her groom as patient, caring and genuine; Chance describes his bride as beautiful, intelligent and honest.  They are both as loving as they can be and a joy to be around!! Alex2TELL US ABOUT THE PROPOSAL:  I was headed home from Tuscaloosa on October 10th, not expecting what was to come. My sister, Holly, just had a baby on October 2nd. Chance had been to visit Holly and Ellen in the hospital and had been to see them several times since being home from the hospital. None of this was a surprise to me, since Chance and I are both family oriented people. Chance loves my nieces and nephews and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. (They are all about Chance). I talked to both Chance and Holly on my drive home, not knowing they were sitting right beside each other. Once I got home, Chance picked me up from my house so we could go see the kids. This was the normal routine for us because we typically always go see Holly and the children as soon as I get into town. On the way to Holly and Dax’s, I tried getting Chance to take me to Owen’s soccer game, since it had already begun, but he insisted that we go see Ellen first. Chance was very talkative the whole way to their house; however, I did not think anything of it. Of course I walked straight to the nursery to see Ellen. I leaned over in her crib; I did not see anything, picked her up and still did not see anything. As I was holding her, Chance said, “She is beautiful, isn’t she?” Agreeing, I looked down again, and there was the ring tied to a pink ribbon around her wrist. Chance was shaking as he tried to get the ribbon untied. He got down on one knee and told me “These past six years had been the best years of his life and that he wanted to spend many more with me.” He then asked me to marry him!IMG_0484IMG_0387Alex5IMG_0135 (1)Alex4IMG_0343IMG_0281 (1)IMG_0288Alex3IMG_0328

Their favorite things to do together are  go on dinner dates and spend time with their families.  That has to be the dream of every parent, to hear their grown kids say that!! They enjoy playing with their nieces and nephews every chance they get, which means lots of little people in this wedding!!!

Alex & Chance, thank you so much for choosing us to be your photographers!  You guys are amazing, I love the love you share together and I can not wait to be a part of your wedding day in June! To see more sweet moments from their engagement session, click here!