IMG-347Ashley is truly that girl who had a dream of a being a princess for a day and having a fairytale wedding… and her dream came true thanks to her vision and her family and friends who played a huge role in making that dream come true!  I was in awe when I saw her at her bridal session!  My little girl saw Ashley’s bridal images on my computer and said, “Mama, I think that’s the prettiest bride I’ve ever seen”!  Ashley, truly looked like a princess and she has the sweetest heart, just like I imagine any princess would have!  She and Josh are truly a blessing to know & I am so thankful David and I were able to capture these sweet, special memories from their wedding day!  Read on to see the sweet story about how they met, how Josh proposed – it is sooooo sweet!!! Love is such a beautiful thing God allows us to share with one another and I am always in awe when I get to witness the sweet love between my couples!!  Ashley and Josh have such a sweet love for each other and they certainly are each other’s happiness!  I look forward to seeing them live out their Happily Every After!!

ashley0How did you meet and how long did you date? Tell me your love story.     We met in 2012 during spring break my Junior year of college. My friend’s boyfriend was staying with a group of guys, including Josh, and we ended up hanging out with them a lot!! It turns out the guys were staying at Josh’s parents’ place. Somehow I had known this group of people my entire time in college, but I had never met him. I assume it was because he had graduated before I came to Troy. We were all having such a great time! Plus, this cute guy (Josh) kept coming over to pick a few of us girls up and drive us just about anywhere we wanted! Towards the middle of the week Josh asked me if I wanted to go out on his boat to Shell Island with him and several friends. My friend, Michelle, and a few others were also going, so I agreed to go. We had so much fun. I couldn’t help noticing how nice Josh was. Not just to me, but to his friends too. While the girls were laying out, Michelle kept telling me about Josh and that she thinks he really likes me. She said he was a great guy and I had nothing to worry about. I decided right then and there that Josh would be around as long as he would stay. We were inseperable that trip. As all good things do, the week came to an end. I knew he liked me, but I wasn’t sure if he was ready to be serious. Well, on my way home I got my answer. I got a text that quoted lyrics from a popular song by The Wanted. He said “My universe will never be the same. I’m glad you came.” Meaning, he was so happy we both came on this trip and met. That song meant so much to us that we had a string quartet play it as I walked down the aisle. It was so special. Another fun fact: I had the words “I’m Glad You Came” written on the inside of his ring. It was a surprise to him.

Did you have something borrowed, blue, old and new? If so, do tell!     I hand made my brooch bouquet. Several of the brooches were from both mine and Josh’s family. The stem of the bouquet was wrapped with the sleeve of my mom’s wedding dress.

What three words would you use to describe the style of your wedding?     Fairytale, pumpkins, sparkleashley02IMG-171 (1)Tell me all about the proposal!     Josh and I took a trip to New York for the New Year. We stayed 5 blocks from Times Square., it was amazing! Especially for a southern girl like myself. Everything was so bright and new and exciting! On New Years Eve, he told me he had a fancy dinner planned at the restaurant inside Central Park. As we arrived in Central Park, we walked over this pretty bridge. I thought it was odd that there weren’t many people around since Central Park is pretty busy, especially on New Years Eve. He stopped on the bridge and started talking to me. (I think this might be the moment when I knew something might be happening.) He pulled out a crystal glass slipper from his peacoat with my engagement ring placed inside it. It was breathtaking! He asked the question, I said yes, and then we embraced! As we were hugging I heard a lot of clicking. I noticed a man taking pictures of us. I whispered, “Is he taking pictures of us?” Josh just smiled that beautiful smile that I love. He had set all of this up without me knowing. After the moment, Josh said “Now we have a 2 hour engagement photoshoot!” I guess not many people can say they had their engagement pictures taken as they were getting engaged! It was absolutely perfect! From the glass slipper, to the snow patches on the ground, I wouldn’t change one thing. It was truly my very own fairytale proposal. ashley03ashley01IMG-174IMG-176 (1)IMG-178ashley61Our favorite detail of the wedding was:    Josh- the church pews in the open field… Ashley- the arbor lushly decorated with flowers

If you did a “first glance”, are you glad you made the decision to do so? Why?     Yes Yes YES! We were so nervous during the ceremony that neither of us really remember too much about it. However, before the ceremony, we were really able to take in how each other looked and how we felt in that moment without worrying who was watching. We were able to take portraits without being rushed to get to the reception. After the ceremony we actually beat our guests there! It was nice to be able to welcome them in.IMG-210 (2)ashley2IMG-227ashley3Bride, how would you describe the groom?    Josh is the most patient, caring, selfless man I know. He loves to surprise me and makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. He doesn’t meet a stranger or anyone who doesn’t automatically love him. He is my happiness.

IMG-259ashley4Groom, how would you describe your bride?     Ashley is my happiness. When she is with me, I feel complete. I fall more and more in love with her everyday. Her smile and her personality make me who I am. I could not have asked for someone better to spend the rest of my life with. I love her unconditionally.IMG-249ashley5IMG-290ashley7ashley9IMG-322IMG-339IMG-353 IMG-354IMG-367_1 IMG-341_1ashley10IMG-360_1 IMG-350 IMG-421 IMG-425 ashley12ashley112 What is your fondest memory of your wedding day?     Hearing the horses hooves against the ground. There was complete silence other than that. It was so surreal. Time moved in slow motion.IMG-500IMG-501IMG-528IMG-543 (1)IMG-545IMG-551IMG-5553IMG-577IMG-574IMG-571 (1)IMG-573r1Describe your favorite thing(s) about your reception:     The array of food on the tables was wonderful! The cakes were both beautiful and delicious! Also, we loved hearing our best man and maid of honor give their speeches.IMG-677IMG-683 (1)r2 r3r4Ceremony & Reception Venue: Bride’s Parents’ Home | Florist: C & B Florist, along with Stacie Edgar, decorator |Wedding Cakes: Foster Street Baker, Tara Wilson in Dothan, Al | Ceremony Musicians: Con Amore’ Quartet of Enterprise, Al | Reception DJ: Allen Scofield | Special Details (reception favors, etc): White chocolate covered caramel apples- made by bride’s mom and Sharon Grimes – party favors for the guests | Bride’s Gown: Stella York, The Bridal Loft in Pensacola, Fl | Bride’s Shoes: Hand rhinestoned purchased from Etsy | Hair Stylist: Tisha Richardson of Merle Norman in Opp, Al | Makeup Artist: Michelle Moody | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bill Levkoff, Bridal Elegance in Dothan, Al | Groom’s & Groomsmen’s Attire: Black by Vera Wang, Men’s Wearhouse | Paper Products: Wiregrass Weddings, Elba, Al (Save-the-dates, invitations, programs, confetti envelopes, favor tags) | Additional Vendors: Cinderella carriage and white horses – Capitol City Carriage Service, Montgomery, AlIMG-769IMG-774IMG-776 (1)What’s next for you as a couple?   What are you most looking forward to about married life?     We are both excited about settling down in our very first home together. We will reside in Troy, AL. Josh continues his career as an insurance adjuster, and I am excited to start mine as a 2nd grade teacher at Pike Liberal Arts School. We are looking forward to having and raising children in this town, but for now, Marilyn (our fur-baby) is enough to keep us busy!

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